Our products are designed by us and made in Romania. We try to use as many local materials as possible, we weave, knit and dye here.

1. The double diagonally woven fabrics are specially made for our wraps and slings.

All fabrics brought to manufacturing have all the quality requirements imposed by the technical specification of European standards and have no harmful effects on the human body. They do not endanger life, health, workplace safety, they do not have a negative impact on the environment, they contain no azo dyes and have no negative effects on children. 

All fibers are 100% cotton and the manufacturer is ISO 14001/2004 certified, enssuring a correct environmental policy, with non-polluting technologies and a substantially reduced impact on the environment.

2. The rings used for our ring slings are specially designed, carefully tested and they do not contain nickel, lead, other heavy metals or toxic substances. They are produced in the United States and are the safest sling rings at this point

All our carriers are entirely made by the same person, ensuring superior quality control.