Woven Wraps

The woven wrap can be used from birth up to the moment the baby no longer wants to be carried. It's greatest advantage is that, allowing many carries, it distributes the baby's weight on different parts of the wearer's body.

Allows carrying the baby in four postions:
  • tummy to tummy
  • craddled for breastfeeding
  • on the hip
  • on the back
The size of the wrap is chosen depending on the weight and height of the parent, but it can be used by persons with a different body structure, using different carries that require less or more wrap length.
The woven wrap requiers a longer period of accomodation and learning time for each carry.

Luna Baby woven wraps come in three types of thickness:
*thin: Double diagonally woven, 100% cotton, 180 g/mp
*medium: Double diagonally woven, 100% cotton, 180 g/mp
*thick: Jacquard, 100% cotton, 235 g/mp

Before use, check out our video instructions You can separately order the instructions on DVD, in case you want to offer the carrier as a gift.

Made in EU.