Poarta-ma! products have a 12 month warranty on craftmanship and materials. Should you find any flaw with your product, please notify us as soon as possible and return it for repair or full replacement as appropriate. Proof of purchase is necessary. For those products purchased from one of our authorized retailers, please return your item to them in the first instance. Proof of purchase is necessary.

Our warranty includes: parts and materials, webbing, buckles and snaps, rings, seams, stitching, inconsistent sizing between identical products, flawed or irregular printed fabric, defective workmanship.

Our warranty does not include: any damage which arises from negligence, misuse or use not in accordance with the product instructions, fading color due to sun or washing, residue or deterioration of product from powders/ creams/ other chemicals etc. , damage from laundry products/ machines,  warn fabric, tears/rips.