Ring Slings

Video instructions

Putting on the ring sling.

For newborns, the baby will be positioned in the sling in the same position she has when you hold her on your chest. If her legs are curled up and crossed, carry her with the legs in. If her legs are spread, carry her with her legs out, no matter how old she is.

Front carry in sling ring, legs out, newborn baby.


Front carry in sling ring, legs in, newborn baby.

Hip carry in ring sling.

Hip carry in ring sling.

Breastfeeding in ring sling.

Attention: Always, while breastfeeding, hold the baby's head with your hand, not supported by the sling. During breastfeeding, the baby's head must not be restricted, she must be able to draw from the breast in the case of a strong let down. After finishing breastfeeding, we recommend you  pick up the baby and position her vertically, as she was before. If you don't position her vertically, check that there is room for two fingers between her chest and her chin. Contrary, The curled tight chin to chest position can partially close the baby’s airway, leading to decreased oxygen saturation and favorising positional asphyxiation.