Ring Slings

The ring sling is ideal for babies older than 4 months because it allows the perfect tensioning on the baby's back.
It allows discreet breastfeeding and it is preferred by most breastfeeding mothers.
It is also very useful babies older than 6 months who love to look around and prefer the hip carry.

Allows carrying the baby in three positions:
  • tummy to tummy
  • cradled for breastfeeding
  • on the hip
  • on the back*
* We do not recommend a back carry in a ring sling  to unexperienced mothers! 
   We do not recommend a back carry in a ring sling for babies younger than 12 months!
   The baby has to be old enough to hold her balance and to be able to communicate any discomfort.

A ring sling can be used from birth up to 2-3 years of age. Some parents may feel the need to use another carrier that distributes the baby's weight evenly, around 7-8 months of age. The sling will remain useful, especially around 12 months of age when the baby starts walking but want to be held often for short periods of time.


Luna Baby ring slings come in two types of fabric:

*cotton: Double diagonally woven slings, of medium thickness. They can be used from 4 months  up to the moment the baby no longer wants to be carried. The sling can hold up to 20 kg (44 lbs).
*silk: In one or two layers, the natural dupioni silk slings are very comfortable for older children, but excellent for babies over 4 months as well.

Before use, check out our video instructions You can separately order the instructions on DVD, in case you want to offer the carrier as a gift.

Made in EU.