About Us


I'm Diana and I love children :). 

Since 2006, when my son David was born, we discovered that a child comes with a completely new life and a lot more fun. And when I first found out about babywearing, that I could carry my child close to my heart and also be hands free, I started poarta-ma! (at the time under www.sling.ro and 'poarta-ma, mami!').

My partner and my parents gave me their full support and trust. I also had the help of my close friends, without whom I would have not succeeded. I had friends who helped me with all the legal formalities, car rides, accounting, they bought my products as gifts for other friends with small children. 

This is how my business began and grew, through my family, my friends and loved ones who believed in me. Even after all these years, I'm very close to many of my clients.

A long, long, long time ago, in another lifetime actually, I graduated from architecture school and I was working as an interior designer. Life seemed pretty cool at the time. 
But after I became a mother and discovered a whole new life, it was very clear to me that I will never go back to the old job, not standing the idea of being away from my son. 

Being a WAHM (work at home mom) is amazing and also quite difficult. You basically stop working whenever your baby needs you and you continue your work as soon as you can. 
Frustrations can occur on both sides, you do not have time to leave everything in order for when you get back or for someone to continue your work. And some things simply have to wait. The child is not a part of them. But, no, I would not change anything in my life. That's why all the wonderful women that work for poarta-ma! are WAHMs (work at home moms).  

poarta-ma! has now become a brand with focus on babywearing products and accessories, but bundled with something I've learned over the past eight years: style :). 
Mothers need to feel good in their own skin, they don't need any more routine in their lives than they already have.
I try to make carriers that look good, besides the fact that they are ergonomical and comfortable for the child and parent. 

Luna Baby Carriers is our international store. 

We would love to talk to you. If you need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net, contact us on [email protected]

Thanks for shopping with us!